Friday, April 8, 2011

Spelling Tests

     Studying for spelling in our house used to be a struggle.  My daughter got bored with it, I got frustrated with her lack of attention and it never ended well.  That is until we came up with a new strategy.  We mix up our spelling studying every night so we're not doing the same thing. 

Monday- Write out spelling words into flash cards and flip through them.
Tuesday- Type out words 3 to 5 times each on the computer.  The repetition of seeking out each letter individually for an inexperienced typest really works!
Wednesday- Play a computer game with the words, there's free ones out there like Spelling City which allows you to enter the spelling words that need to be practiced.  And it's fun!
Thursday- Our pretest.  We do a verbal and/or written test.  If she passes that, she's done studying and good to go!  If she doesn't pass, she does a little more review of her flash cards.

     After beginning these methods two years ago, we haven't had any bumps in the road since!  Spelling has become easier for my daughter and less stressful.  Give it a try!  Come up with your own games to switch out during the week.  Good Luck!


  1. I love this method, Lexi's school does this, usually Monday they write each word twice and Thursday is pretest but Tues and Wed are always diffent like tic tac toe or drawing a picture using the words....I think it works really well

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